A Note on This Video Collection

New America is reporting on how communities in California are reforming the way early childhood systems work and the way teachers are trained.  Our aim is to help the public and policymakers better understand how to improve teaching and learning so young children have a solid foundation for growth and development. Our reporting has a special focus on Fresno, Oakland, and San Jose.
These videos document promising efforts to support early childhood educators in San Jose, Fresno and Oakland.

Supporting social and emotional learning in San Jose

The video below spotlights work by the Franklin-McKinley School District to train pre-K and kindergarten teachers to better support children's social emotional learning.

Supporting Young, Dual Language Learners in Fresno

Below is a video on how educators in Fresno are working together to improve outcomes for dual language learners.

Supporting Families and Informal Providers in Oakland

The video below highlights the school district's work to partner with those who care for children before they enter school: families, friends and neighbors.