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We Need to Care about Care

Jane Greenway Carr writes on a new book--and conversation on gender equality, work, and care--by Anne-Marie Slaughter.

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in the news | October 06, 2015

Balancing Act: Pope's call for strong families stirs reflection on US workplaces

"For Americans, life has become all competition, all the time," wrote Anne-Marie Slaughter in a Sept. 20 article in The New York Times that had the headline "A Toxic Work World." She notes that the model of "winning at all costs" doesn't make room for caregiving, and she points out: "When an abundance of overly rigid workplaces cause 42 million American citizens to live day to day in fear that just one single setback will prevent them from being able to care for their children, it's not just their problem, but ours."Read more here:

A Bug in the System

Inside the Vulnerability Multi-Stakeholder Process

Last week, a group of 75 security researchers, user-rights advocates, and software vendors, united in the goal of creating a more secure Internet, gathered at Berkeley Law School to kick off a new multi-stakeholder collaborative process that aims to bring together disparate points of view and try to reach consensus on difficult policy questions. The process explores the often tension-filled ways in which these groups interact today and how they can best work together. I was there representing the Open Technology Institute.

in the news | October 06, 2015 | Fellows New America NYC

Why I Invited Marc Maron to Speak at Princeton University

Several months ago, I decided to invite the comedian Marc Maron, host of the popular podcast WTF and the star of the television show Maron, to speak at Princeton University. The popular stand-up comedian might not be the most predictable choice to deliver a lecture in our public event series. When I tweeted out that he will be speaking in McCosh 50, the same room where Albert Einstein delivered lectures about the Theory of Relativity, Maron himself seemed a little surprised, tweeting back: "Cool. No Pressure Man." "Thanks for telling me that guy whose running the lecture, oh man, not a lot of pressure," he said on the October 5 podcast.