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The White House's Cybersecurity Priorities for 2016

What will President Obama's legacy look like on cybersecurity? With the Obama Presidency in its last year, the budget proposal passed to Congress this week signals the Administration's priorities for the final year.

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EVENT February 12, 2016 06:30 PM– 08:15 PM

Friday February 12, 2016

06:30 PM – 08:15 PM

[u'156 Fifth Avenue, Second Floor', u'New York, NY 10010']

Exactly a century ago the first woman was elected to national office. As the 2016 election heats up this year, join New America fellow Jay Newton-Small for a look into how women are using their power shift to affect change throughout America.

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Political Dynamism

EVENT February 16, 2016 03:30 PM– 05:15 PM

Tuesday February 16, 2016

03:30 PM – 05:15 PM

[u'New America', u'740 15th Street NW', u'Suite 900', u'Washington, DC 20005']

Reforms work best when they work with the grain of our political system, rather than against it. The answer, in short, is more politics. In his new paper, Lee Drutman makes the case for Political Dynamism as an affirmative vision of politics, and lays out specific reforms that would create the conditions for it. Political dynamism is an attempt to work within the American political system that exists, playing to the strengths of our traditions and institutions. Please join Lee Drutman and the Political Reform program for an engaging conversation moderated by Melinda Henneberger as we ask “What institutional choices create a system that is open and fluid in ways that policy entrepreneurs can thrive and do what they do best?”

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