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The Mapping Financial Opportunity (MFO) project was financially supported by a grant from MetLife Foundation to The University of Kansas.

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We extend appreciation to those whose supports have made this project possible, including Evelyn Stark at MetLife Foundation; Steven Maynard Moody, Xan Wedel, Travis Weller, and Jena Gunter at the Institute for Policy & Social Research (IPSR); William Elliott at the Center for Assets, Education, and Inclusion (AEDI); and Justin King, Rachel Black, Tyler Richardett, and Kirk Jackson at New America. Invaluable research assistance was also provided by students at the Universities of Kansas and Michigan, including Daniel Barrera, Rachael Eastlund, Joel Gallegos, Cassie Peters, Ivan Ray, Kevin Refior, Nikolaus Schuetz, Stacia West, and Ashley Williamson. Expert editorial assistance was provided by Benjamin Friedline.

The Mapping Financial Opportunity (MFO) project benefitted from the input, thoughts, and feedback from numerous colleagues, and we especially appreciate the time and considerations of John Thompson, Aliza Gutman, and James Schintz at the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI); Leigh Phillips at EARN; Jonathan Mintz and David Rothstein at CFE Fund; Ann Solomon at the National Federation of Community Development Federal Credit Unions; Andrea Luquetta at the California Reinvestment Coalition; Lindsay Daniels at the National Council of La Raza; Mehrsa Baradaran at the University of Georgia; Sarah Dewees at First Nations Development Institute; Keith Ernst at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC); and Lisa Servon at the University of Pennsylvania.

Finally, the quality and accuracy of the research presented in this project are the sole responsibilities of the authors.