Action Toolkit for Community Leaders

Four Steps for Community Leaders

Our report in 2016, entitled How to Bring Early Learning and Family Engagement into the Digital Age, examined the intersection between early learning, family engagement, and digital equity in order to help community leaders create and implement systems, policies, and practices that will support modern families and their young children. The report highlights four steps leaders can take to assess the needs of their community, take action to create a more equitable society, and improve outcomes for children and families.

Resources for Specific Stakeholders

The following resources are for early childhood educators, media mentors, researchers, and funders to think about how best to support and implement a family engagement program focused on developing early learning skills with technology. (Update 9/24/18: The toolkit now includes a new resource for libraries on how to develop a peer-coaching program for media mentors.)

Resources for All Stakeholders

All community members have a stake in supporting early learning in the Digital Age. The following resources will help leaders think about how develop communities that support families with young children, ages 0–8 years old.