Entertainment-Focused Narrative and Culture Change Practice

Our Re-Scripting Gender, Work, Family and Care initiative helps to advance a gender equitable, caring country through scripted and unscripted television and film storytelling.
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June 14, 2024

84% of U.S. streaming viewers are interested in seeing more depictions of work, family, caregiving and gender equity on screen, according to research conducted for the Better Life Lab by the research firm MarketCast. Read more in Variety!

To help move the needle and amplify great stories, we work with television and film creatives and executives to promote authentic storytelling about gender, work, family and care. We provide real-world stories, policy knowledge, and research-based advice to Hollywood leaders. Scroll down for examples of our work with and for the entertainment industry.

Contact Vicki Shabo at shabo@newamerica.org to learn more or set up a meeting. And sign up for our Setting the Scene newsletter, which we produce periodically to share new research, data, and analysis, as well as great representations of work and family on screen.

We are available for presentations, writers' room consultations, 1:1 brainstorming sessions, script reviews, briefings, and more. We love to amplify storylines and characters that accurately represent work-family challenges and help point to solutions.

Our focus is on driving progress for women and families by improving depictions of people's full lives as they relate to work and family; busting myths about individual grit as the key to success at home and at work; and showing how public systems can advance work-family justice and greater gender, racial, and economic equity.

We also inform public conversations in the news media, including: A Boston Globe op-ed on how disparate policies related to abortion, workplace leave, and child care are creating a more fragmented society for families; a CNN op-ed on policy victories for pregnant workers and the state of paid family and medical leave and pay equity for parents and family caregivers; an Early Learning Nation graphic explainer on the child care sector and its effects on parental employment and care workers' jobs; a blog post on black maternal health and pregnancy decision-making; and a Zocalo Public Square essay on work-family and gender equity supports for health care workers.