Current Class of National Fellows

New America’s Fellows Program invests in thinkers—journalists, scholars, filmmakers, and public policy analysts—who generate big, bold ideas that have an impact and spark new conversations about the most pressing issues of our day.

Since 1999, the Fellows Program has supported 265 National Fellows as they pursued ambitious projects resulting in the publication of nearly 150 books, 13 feature-length films, and several award-winning longform reporting projects. Check out our impact page to learn more about the work we have supported over the years.

Every year, the program receives hundreds of competitive applicants and we chose 15 talented individuals for our Class of 2024 National Fellows. Throughout their fellowship year, fellows will pursue book, film, and multimedia projects in a wide range of policy areas, including the rise of global cryptocurrency, the colonial origins of global mental health, the civil rights movement, wealth inequality through the experience of service workers, endangered languages, and more.

2024 Class of New America National Fellows

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Atossa Araxia Abrahamian, National Fellow, is an independent journalist who writes about the cracks in the nation-state system.

Rozina Ali, National Fellow, is a journalist focused on the Middle East and South Asia, the War on Terror, immigration, and Islamophobia.

Victor J. Blue, ASU Future Security Fellow, is a photojournalist and writer.

Kate Daloz, National Fellow, is the director of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Writing Studio at Columbia University.

Caitlin Dickerson, New Arizona Fellow, is an award-winning investigative reporter and feature writer for the Atlantic.

Casey Gerald, National Fellow, is the author of There Will Be No Miracles Here.

Olivia Goldhill, Jonathan Logan Family Foundation Fellow, is an investigative journalist at STAT.

Malaika Jabali, New Arizona Fellow, is the Senior News and Politics Editor at Essence Magazine.

Sarah Esther Maslin, ASU Future Security Fellow, is a freelance journalist based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Ben Mauk, National Fellow, is an independent writer and filmmaker.

Laura Mauldin, National Fellow, is a writer and associate professor at the University of Connecticut.

JoeBill Muñoz, National Fellow, is an independent Mexican-American filmmaker.

Sian-Pierre Regis, National Fellow, is a former journalist turned documentary filmmaker.

Jiayan “Jenny” Shi, Jonathan Logan Family Foundation Fellow, is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker and video journalist.

Matthew Wolfe, National Fellow, is a sociologist and journalist based in New York City.