Janie T. Carnock

Policy Analyst, Education Policy Program

Janie Tankard Carnock is a policy analyst with the Education Policy program at New America. She is a member of the Dual Language Learner National Work Group. Her work addresses policies and practices related to multilingualism, immigration, English proficiency, and educational equity. Her writing has appeared in The Hechinger Report, Univision, Education Post, The Washington Monthly, Real Clear Education, The 74, Sojourners, Pacific Standard, and elsewhere. Before joining New America, she taught second grade in Baltimore City. Around half of her students spoke Spanish at home.

Carnock graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor's degree in English and secondary field in government. She also holds a master's degree in education from Johns Hopkins University.

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A Turning Tide: Massachusetts’ New Bill and the Growing Demand for Bilingual Education

Massachusetts’ LOOK Bill represents the latest evidence that there is a national tide turning towards bilingual education.

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A new series of briefs commissioned by the Heising-Simons and McKnight Foundations speak directly to the challenge of DLL assessment.

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After AMAOs: Defining What Progress for English Learners Means Under ESSA

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A recent report examines the host of risk factors that children of undocumented immigrants face.

Equity in STEM: Public-Private Partnerships Drive Opportunity for All Students

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