Frigid Baltimore City Schools: The Racism We Haven't Confronted

Article/Op-Ed in CNN
marragem / Flickr
Jan. 4, 2018

Janie Carnock wrote for CNN about classrooms of freezing children of color in Baltimore City:

Earlier this week, amid freezing temperatures, students across Baltimore City returned from winter break to face unheated classrooms. About 60 schools -- nearly one-third of the entire system -- reported issues, leading to the closure of four schools on Wednesday and early dismissal in two others. The teacher's union condemned the conditions as "unfair and inhumane." And teachers quickly took to social media to post images of shivering students and thermostats registering harsh temperatures.

With a closer look at the images, it was hard to miss the color of the children -- almost every single one black or brown. Classrooms of freezing children of color is the epitome of systemic racism, laid bare.