Designing New Approaches to Supporting Parents and Young Children: Projects from the Inaugural Class of LSX Fellows

June 16, 2020

In the summer of 2018, the Learning Sciences Exchange (LSX) brought together 12 journalists, entertainment producers, policy influencers, and researchers from Europe and North America. Fellows were divided into three groups and tasked with working together across disciplines and thinking outside of the box to create a product or service that helps families support babies’ and young children’s learning.

In this collection, you can find preliminary descriptions of the projects that each group of fellows designed. To learn more about the 2018-2020 LSX fellows’ projects, please join us at the virtual LSX Summit on August 26th, where attendees will hear the background stories of each project and get a chance to ask LSX fellows about what sparked their innovations.

LSX is a partnership between the Jacobs Foundation, New America, and the International Congress on Infant Studies.