Community Colleges, Future of Work, and the Innovation Economy

Our work supports community colleges in navigating job-training for emerging technologies and industries, technology-based economic development, regional innovation ecosystems, and the future of work.
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Dec. 11, 2023

Community Colleges and the Innovation Economy

We believe in the need for high-quality and accessible community college pathways to good jobs that comprise America’s innovation economy and the Future of Work.

This page collates blogs, op-eds, and resources from New America’s Initiative on the Future of Work and the Innovation Economy that monitors and explains both the opportunities and challenges faced by community colleges as they respond to 21st-century industrial strategy, emerging technology workforce development needs, and regional R&D and innovation ecosystems catalyzed by public investments.

This page includes resources like ones described below.

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  • Federal funding for community college capacity building, partnerships, and program delivery for emerging technology, economic development, and STEM jobs.
  • Case studies of community college workforce programs in emerging technology areas;
  • Best practices for institutionalizing approaches to training for the future of work;
  • State and local policies to support community colleges in the innovation economy;
  • Monitoring of how community colleges are engaged in the emerging technology-oriented implementation of the CHIPS & Science Act, Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, American Rescue Plan, and other federal legislation;
  • Resources addressing related topics