Moving Beyond False Choices for Early Childhood Educators

Moving Beyond False Choices for Early Childhood Educators was an 18-month blog series (January 2018 - May 2019) edited by Stacie G. Goffin, principal of the Goffin Strategy Group. The series engaged diverse viewpoints regarding the field’s thoughts on what needs to be considered in order to disentangle early childhood education’s thorny knot, thereby enabling the ECE field to address three of its most challenging issues: preparation and education, compensation and status, and diversity and inclusivity.

Launched in January 2018, the series’ 31 blogs (excluding the series’ introduction and conclusion) placed a spotlight on the field’s diverse perspectives regarding the entangled relationships among the knot’s three strands. Too often, these issues are addressed as if in opposition to one another. The series strived to transcend this tendency so new possibilities for advancing ECE as field of practice could emerge.

Because of the series’ positive reception, this fall New America will publish the series as a compendium tailored for print and online access. The compendium will include new voices and perspectives and offer ideas about next steps. Look for the publication and an event to continue the conversation the spring of 2020.

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