Millennials Rising

Next Generation Policies
New America

Millennials are on the move but current policies aren’t keeping up. Instead of helping this rising generation navigate the changing economic, social, and technological conditions that shape their pathways into the job market, ability to raise a family, and ways to engage with their communities, policies designed for a bygone era are throwing up roadblocks.

We need a new agenda that reflect modern realities and support the needs of the Millennial generation.

Please join New America, Young Invincibles, and the Roosevelt Campus Network for a day-and-a-half exploration of the challenges facing Millennials and policies to help them succeed. This invitation-only symposium seeks to engage a diverse group participants across a range of policy perspectives for this conversation and elevate the voices of those in the room as the experts on how to achieve this vision.

Resources from the Millennials Rising symposium can be found below:

Videos from the Millennials Rising Symposium