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The Malware Markets: A Graphic Exploration

mal·ware (ˈmælwɛə) n. malicious software that is used to gain access to a computer system or network



An introduction to the malware markets with definitions of key terms.

What Are the Malware Markets?

The malware markets are a network of organizations, individuals, and websites where malicious software is bought and sold.

What Products are Available on the Malware Markets?

The malware markets contain everything from simple software programs to crack passwords to companies offering surveillance and espionage.

Who is Involved with the Malware Markets?

Nation states, criminal groups, private companies, and individuals can and do interact with the malware markets.

What is the Impact of the Malware Markets?

The malware markets lower the barrier to entry and make financial benefit from cyber crime much easier.

What is the Future of the Malware Markets?

All this specialization and market interaction is trouble enough today but what might be around the corner?