Does Technology Need The Arts To Build A Better Future?


With space exploration no longer being monopolized by scientists and government agencies, artists are now getting in on the act. Why not launch a satellite with poetry as payload, or a rocket made of sugarcane? These examples of taking artistic expression beyond the grip of gravity are part of a broader citizen science movement revolutionizing our relationship to technological progress and exploration.

Join Future Tense for a happy hour conversation with Juan José Diaz Infante, who launched the poetry-bearing Ulises I Mexican nanosatellite, and Tavares Strachan, a multidisciplinary contemporary artist who has trained in the Russian cosmonaut program. We’ll be discussing the desirability of connecting (quite literally!) the arts and sciences. 

Future Tense is a partnership of Slate, New America, and Arizona State University

This event will be livestreamed on this page. Follow the conversation online using #PoetryInSpace and following @FutureTenseNow.


Tavares Strachan, @TavaresStrachan
Contemporary Conceptual Artist
2014 LACMA Art & Technology Artist Grant Recipient 
2009 - 2010 MIT Artist-in-Residence

Juan José Diaz Infante
Director of the Mexican Space Collective
Author of "Ulises I: An Art Mission to Space"


Eric Molinsky, @emolinsky
Host of "Imaginary Worlds" (Panoply)