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Join New America in collaboration with Howard University for the third event in "From Moment to Movement," a conversation and essay series on race and policy in America.

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EVENT May 07, 2015 06:30 PM– 08:30 PM

Thursday May 07, 2015

06:30 PM – 08:30 PM

[u'156 Fifth Avenue, Second Floor', u'New York, NY 10012']

Presently, twenty-two veterans die by suicide every day, nearly one an hour, a human toll greater than deaths from combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan. To respond to this crisis, the National Veterans Crisis Line in upstate New York is the only call center devoted to helping at-risk veterans and their families. It's open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and receives more than 20,000 calls a month.

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Unintended Consequences

EVENT May 11, 2015 03:30 PM– 05:00 PM

Monday May 11, 2015

03:30 PM – 05:00 PM

[u'1899 L Street NW, Suite 400', u'Washington, DC 20036']

The Violence Against Women Act, signed into law by President Clinton in 1994, has saved the lives of thousands, and radically changed the way Americans think about sexual and domestic violence. But recent evidence suggests that VAWA has protected certain populations of Americans far better than others.

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EVENT May 11, 2015 06:30 PM– 08:15 PM

Monday May 11, 2015

06:30 PM – 08:15 PM

[u'156 Fifth Avenue, Second Floor', u'New York, NY 10010']

As Iranian and P5+1 negotiators race to try to conclude a final deal on Iran's nuclear program by June 30, join New America NYC for a conversation on the state of play in Tehran and Washington, reactions from and implications for the region, and what a deal or no deal could mean for U.S.-Iran relations.

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in the news | May 05, 2015 | Fellows

Ex-Christie Allies Plead Not Guilty in Bridge Scandal

Returning to New Jersey to appear as a witness would pull Mr. Christie back into a scandal he would like to put behind him as he plots an uphill path nationally, said Julian Zelizer, a Princeton University political scientist. It also could force him to reveal damaging information about his administration. But some experts said not appearing could make Mr. Christie look evasive—even if he has nothing to hide and knew nothing about the closures. “If you try to avoid testifying, given the political state he’s in, people would draw the worst conclusion,” Mr. Zelizer said. “It’s a lose-lose situation.”

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in the news | May 05, 2015 | Future of War

A Framework for Understanding two Macro Techno-Revolutions and our Naval Future

The three realms of warfare will be defined by more than technology or processing speeds. Due to the influence in democracies of what can be called Policy-Law-Ethics-Norms (PLEN), there will be restraints exerted to varying degrees, depending on the context, on unmanned systems in populated areas of the Earth. While land combat may be constrained by PLEN, the maritime domain will know few limits, and will become subsumed into the realm of machine on machine combat, where the fastest, most lethal mass of machines will dominate. In light of that threat the Navy Department should not slow the movement of resources and talent into the study and development of “Machine Realm” technologies, in all domains of air/surface/subsurface.

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book | May 05, 2015 | Breadwinning & Caregiving
Everything Conceivable cover image

Everything Conceivable


In this riveting work of investigative reporting, Liza Mundy, an award-winning journalist for The Washington Post, captures the human narratives, as well as the science, behind what is today a controversial, multibillion-dollar industry, and examines how the huge social experiment that is assisted reproduction is transforming our most basic relationships and even our destiny as a species.

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press release | May 05, 2015 | Open Technology Institute

Poe-Lofgren Bill Against Backdoor Spying is Next Step for Comprehensive Surveillance Reform

Today, Representative Poe (R, TX-2), Representative Lofgren (D, CA-19), and Representative Massie (R, KY-4) introduced the End Warrantless Surveillance of Americans Act (H.R. 2233). New America’s Open Technology Institute strongly supports the End Warrantless Surveillance of Americans Act because it would create new important privacy protections and enhance Internet security--both by closing legal backdoors into Americans’ private data and by prohibiting technical backdoors into our personal devices and communications.

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in the news | May 05, 2015

Why a U.S.-Iran friendship is just wishful thinking

Rapprochement between Iran and the United States centers around the idea of shared threats. Iran, like the United States, has been forced to reckon with the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. And both the U.S. and Iran are threatened by growing instability in Yemen. A working relationship over these issues might be the key to solving them, the thinking goes. But shared threats are not the same as shared interests.

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in the news | May 04, 2015 | Fellows

Bill Clinton defiant on paid speeches

“These kind of speeches become evidence that they’re part of very wealthy America,” said Julian Zelizer, a professor of public affairs and history at Princeton University. “It hurts them not in the specifics, but just in the general concern that some voters have that the Clintons are not who they say they are, and all the talk of populism is just that.”

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