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In Historic Victory for Consumers, FCC Votes To Protect Open Internet

Today the Federal Communications Commission approved an historic order that protects network neutrality with strong rules based on sound legal authority. The order would place new rules on broadband access services, prevent blocking and paid prioritization, grant greater oversight over interconnection agreements, reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act, and implement bright line rules that protect both wired and wireless Internet.

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American higher education is in crisis. But the disruptive power of information technology is about to change all that. Join Kevin Carey and Marian Wang for a conversation about the end of college, and what comes next.

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in the news | February 27, 2015 | Open Technology Institute

In Wake of NSA Leaks, China Drops Major US Tech Companies From Its Approved Suppliers List

Open Technology Institute

Cloud computing providers have already felt the aftershocks of the Snowden leaks. An Open Technology Institute report published a year after the first revelation noted that many had already seen a drop-off in sales and predicted that the backlash against the NSA's surveillance tactics could cost companies anywhere from $22-180 billion over the next three years.

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in the news | February 27, 2015 | Open Technology Institute

ISPs, Lobbyists, and Everybody Else React to FCC Net Neutrality Decision

The new rules cover wireless broadband as well as fixed networks, reflecting the rapid growth of wireless traffic. They empower the FCC to hear and act upon complaints about interconnection issues, such as the bottlenecks found by Measurement Lab. And new transparency rules will require carriers to disclose promotional rates, fees, surcharges, and data caps, and to report packet loss as an indication of performance. Customers have complained of carriers hiding extra costs in promotions, such as not listing the price for a required cable box.

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in the news | February 26, 2015 | Breadwinning & Caregiving


Mundy, director of the Breadwinning & Caregiving Program at New America, says that paternity leave doesn't just allow men more time to connect with their child, it also helps advance women by dividing family responsibilities at an early, crucial time, which leads to a more gender-balanced system. "Paternity leave resets the division of labor in the households, gives men a chance to get involved very early on in a way that often becomes permanent, and actually frees up women to work more," says Mundy. "It also can spread the stigma around so that women don't get singled out for being the potential problem hires or problem employees. If everybody—male or female—is asking for leave or taking leave that they already qualify for, I think it just levels the playing field for how men or women are looked at in the office."