My Favorite Movie with Francis Fukuyama: Gattaca


Join Future Tense and Francis Fukuyama for a screening and discussion of Gattaca, the 1997 science fiction cult classic that explores the widespread deployment of genetic engineering in the near future to design a more perfect society.

Professor Fukuyama has served as a member of the White House Council on Bioethics and is a senior fellow at Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute. He is the author of The Origins of Political Order and The End of History and the Last Man.

This latest installment of Future Tense’s “My Favorite Movie” series will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 20, at Washington, D.C.'s Landmark E Street Cinema at 555 11th Street NW. You may RSVP for yourself and up to one guest. Seating is limited.

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