Report finds disparities in civilian deaths from U.S.-led ISIS bombing campaign

In The News Piece in PBS Newshour
U.S. Air Force Photo: SSgt. Charles Taylor
Nov. 17, 2017

Azmat Khan was featured on PBS NewsHour for her NYT Magazine feature, "The Uncounted:"

Well, we wanted to see how the coalition, the U.S.-led coalition, air campaign was playing out on the ground.
And so we did a systematic sample in three different traditionally ISIS-held areas near Mosul. And we looked at every single airstrike in each of these areas. They were downtown Qaiyara, Shura, and the Aden district of East Mosul.
And what we found or what we were trying to figure out was which number of airstrikes of the total number of airstrikes in those areas had resulted in civilian deaths or casualties, and then from that to determine which one of those were coalition airstrikes, so that we could get a reliable sense of how effectively this campaign was going, because, when you look at the coalition’s own statements about this, they boast that this is the most precise air campaign in the history of warfare.
And I really wanted to know if that was the case.