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English language learners benefit from EMU educators influenced by Anabaptist values

Eastern Mennonite University highlighted and cited portions from Janie Carnock's recent article on multicultural Mennonites working to support dual language learners in Harrisonburg, VA, as well as from Ed Policy's "A Critical Mass" paper:

Significantly, Carnock sought through the Sojourners article to elaborate on specific findings from a report, published in October with co-researcher Amaya Garcia, titled A Critical Mass: Creating Comprehensive Services for Dual Language Learners in Harrisonburg.
“Several characteristics... imbue the community with an uncommon energy and ethos around immigrants, refugees, and dual language learners,” writes Carnock in the report. One of those “catalysts” for “progressive energy” is a large population of Mennonites, as well as the proximity of EMU, which has been educating teachers since its founding in 1917.