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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Is Getting Some Very Bad News About Her Favorite Thing, School Vouchers

Kevin Carey was cited in theLos Angeles Times about how recent findings about school vouchers will affect Secretary DeVos:

[T]he latest findings, which emerge from studies of statewide programs in Louisiana, Ohio and Indiana, have left education experts stunned. In a nutshell, they find huge declines of academic achievement among students in voucher programs in those three states.
“These results are without precedent in the educational literature,” says Kevin Carey, director of the education policy program at the think tank New America. “Among the past results, none were as positive as these are negative.”
New America’s Carey says the statewide studies carry a warning for DeVos not merely because they undermine the case for choice-driven academic improvement.
“In DeVos’s advocacy, she seems to favor the least restrictive and most market-oriented policies” about which schools can participate in voucher programs. “In her rhetoric, it’s the creation of market mechanisms that are the important thing to promote. This research does not support that view. In fact, it may support the idea that that approach is harmful to student learning.”