Education Dept. Gives Firm Hint at Rollback of Gainful-Employment Rule

In The News Piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education
Gage Skidmore / CC2.0
June 8, 2017

Amy Laitinen was mentioned in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the rumored rollback of the gainful-employment rule and the implications that action would have on students and taxpayers. 

In short, without the gainful-employment rule, colleges would have little accountability for programs that produce low-earning graduates and could continue to funnel people into ones that ultimately cost taxpayers more money. And that prospect is another reason observers worry about the rule’s removal.
"It would be a huge step back for protections for students and taxpayers," said Amy Laitinen, director of higher-education policy at the nonpartisan think tank New America. "There’s a lot of harm to students that we’re trying to make up for on the back end, and there are a lot more protections that need to be made on the front end. Gainful is trying to do something in between."