Coronavirus could be an opportunity to an experiment in ‘mass homeschooling’

In The News Piece in Mercatonet
March 3, 2020

Kevin Carey's New York Times article on the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak for schools was cited in Merctaonet.

In countries where the virus is active, schools have been shut down and children are at home, learning alongside their parents or through online education portals. The New York Times reports that US schools have been prompted this week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to prepare for a coronavirus epidemic that could shutter schools and require alternate forms of teaching and learning outside the conventional classroom. According to Kevin Carey of the New America think tank, who spoke to the Times, coronavirus in the US could lead to “a vast unplanned experiment in mass home-schooling.”

It’s unfortunate that it takes a viral epidemic to spotlight the many alternatives to conventional K-12 schooling.

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