A Betsy DeVos Holdover Is Still In Charge Of America’s Student Loans

Advocates want Joe Biden and Miguel Cardona to oust Mark Brown, the head of the Federal Student Aid office.
In The News Piece in Huffington Post
March 3, 2021

Clare McCann was quoted in Huffington Post about the pause on student loan repayments and how the head of the Federal Student Aid office must ensure the transition back to repayments goes smoothly.

On his first day in office, Biden extended a pause on student loan payments until the end of September. The head of FSA could play a key role in shaping and determining whether the administration extends that breaks, forgives student debt, restarts the loan machine or takes another path altogether. 

“It’s incumbent upon FSA to be working really hard on a plan to make sure that transition happens smoothly and borrowers are able to get all they help they need when they come back into repayment,” said Clare McCann, the deputy director of federal policy for the New America Foundation’s higher education program.

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