[ONLINE] - What Do Colleges Do for Their Communities — and the Country?


The American public’s growing doubts about the value of a college degree will not abate until policymakers embrace a new definition of higher education excellence—one that measures what colleges do for the country instead of for themselves. Crucially, that includes a college‘s contributions to the economic and civic life of its local community, as legendary journalists James and Deborah Fallows argue in the latest issue of the Washington Monthly.

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Kevin Carey
Vice President for Education Policy, New America 

Opening Remarks:

Michelle Asha Cooper
Vice President for Public Policy, Lumina Foundation

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Pam Eddinger
President, Bunker Hill Community College 

James Fallows
Our Towns Foundation

Deborah Fallows
Our Towns Foundation

Illias Gomez
Student, University of North Texas at Denton


Paul Glastris
Editor in Chief, Washington Monthly