Watching Teachers Work

Using Data from Classroom Observations to Improve Teaching


January 26, 2012

9:15 am - 11:00 am


New America

740 15th St NW #900

Washington, D.C. 20005

How to identify good teachers — and how to help them improve — will be a hot topic in 2012, especially as states upgrade their teacher-evaluation systems. The Early Education Initiative hosted a panel that delved into recommendations from New America’s latest paper on teacher effectiveness, Watching Teachers Work: Using Observation Tools to Promote Effective Teaching in the Early Years and Early Grades. Panelists discussed how these ideas jibe with the new Gates Foundation report on teacher observation and talked with educators from a range of settings – early years to high school – about how observation can be harnessed to improve public education through PreK-3rd reforms and across the PreK-12 spectrum.

Listen to the full audio of this event:


Lisa Guernsey
Director, Early Education Initiative
New America Foundation

Susan Ochshorn
ECE Policy Works

Elena Silva
Senior Policy Analyst
Education Sector

Danielle Wilson
Bethel High School, Hampton, VA

Noreen Thompson
AppleTree Early Learning, Washington, DC