Ready to Teach? PK-3 and NCLB

The Future for Teachers of Young Children

As Congress prepares for reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act, policymakers will be forced to answer difficult questions about the relationship between teacher quality and student outcomes at all levels of education. What should teachers of young children know and what skills do they need? How can colleges of education improve the PK-3 workforce? How can the federal government improve the quality of PK-3 teachers through NCLB?

This event, hosted jointly by the New America Foundation and the Foundation for Child Development, featured a robust panel discussion that touched on the future of the No Child Left Behind Act, teacher quality and early childhood education, among other topics. The New America Foundation also released a new Issue Brief: "Teacher Quality in Grades PK-3: Challenges and Options."

Video of the event is available at right.


Russell Senate Office Building - Caucus Room (SR-325)
Washington, DC, 20510
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  • Kimberly Oliver
    2006 National Teacher of the Year
  • Dr. Ruby Takanishi
    President, Foundation for Child Development
  • Dr. Rebecca Palacios
    Vice Chair, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
  • Dr. Josu√© Cruz, Jr.
    Professor and Dean, College of Education and Human Development
    Bowling Green State University
  • Stephanie Robinson
    President and CEO, The Jamestown Project
    Yale University



  • Michael Dannenberg
    Director, Education Policy Program, New America Foundation