[ONLINE] - Investing in America’s Real Best Colleges


We don’t yet know if the current negotiations in Washington over two massive spending bills will result in historic new levels of investment in higher education. But what’s already clear is that those investments--to make community college free, improve graduation rates, and expand national service opportunities that include college scholarships for those who serve—would disproportionately reward institutions that do the most to help low-and-moderate income students get ahead. That itself is a shift in Washington’s thinking about the purpose and value of higher education that is worth celebrating.  

Please join New America and the Washington Monthly for a discussion with two Biden administration officials who will oversee this potential new spending, which is analyzed in the magazine’s 2021 College Guide and Rankings.

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Featured Speakers:

James Kvaal
Under Secretary, U.S. Department of Education

Sonali Nijhawan
Director, AmeriCorps State and National

Dr. Karrie G. Dixon
CEO and Chancellor, Elizabeth City State University

Opening Remarks:

Jamie Merisotis
President and CEO, Lumina Foundation