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Lord, What Fools These Ed Reformers Be! A Requiem for the Every Student Succeeds Act

Conor P. Williamswrote a requiem for the Every Student Succeeds Act in light of the move by Congress to eliminate the Obama administration’s education accountability regulations within the Act for the 74 Million:

O, education reform, if you have tears, prepare to shed them now. For here you lie, you yourself, rent asunder, shredded and shattered. And trust, too, is interred here with its brother, goodwill. Note well those wounds, those broken bodies. For you have done this. You have taken that old unity and scattered it to the winds.
And yet, pull them aside! Look! Mark the full measure of your sorrow!
Yes, indeed, your gasps reveal your groaning hearts. Here is federal accountability, too, run through with blows and pricks from its conservative friends. Yes! These scars! O scarlet runs from changed lovers! For they did love accountability once, they clasped it dear and made it known that all federal dollars should flow to support quality opportunities.