Hackers infiltrated Ukraine’s power grid. What’s next?

June 20, 2016

A massive power outage in December left more than 200,000 people in the dark in Western Ukraine. It was the first time a cyberattack successfully took down a portion of a country’s power grid. Rob Lee, cofounder of cybersecurity company Dragos Security and a former US Air Force Cyberoperations Officer, personally investigated the Ukraine hack. He joins the Cybersecurity Podcast to discuss how hackers took out Ukraine's electricity, what more can the US government and companies do to safeguard the American power grid, and the challenges researchers face when trying to test threats to critical infrastructure. 

Also in this episode: Podcast host Peter Singer, senior strategist at New America, discusses innovative ways to get more kids involved in cybersecurity – and not just at university level. And his cohost Sara Sorcher, deputy editor of the Christian Science Monitor’s Passcode, explains the surprising findings in her recent article about what the US government really thinks about encryption.