Hack the Toaster, Cyber National Guard & Why L0pht Didn't Shutter the Internet

Cybersecurity Podcast Episode 10
Jan. 14, 2016

Chris Wysopal a.k.a Weld Pond, chief technology officer of application security firm Veracode, joins The Cybersecurity Podcast to discuss the suspected cyberattack on the Ukrainian power grid, ways to increase transparency about cybersecurity expertise at publicly-traded companies, and why the L0pht hacking collective he once belonged to didn't want to shut down the Internet back in the 1990s just to prove to senators it could.

Also joining New America’s Peter Singer and Passcode’s Sara Sorcher is Chris Young, general manager of Intel Security. They talk about the unconventional cyberthreats emerging from the booming Internet of Things, the challenges posed by ransomware, and his ideas for a future Cyber National Guard.