Cyber Insurance, Safe Harbor 2.0, and the Human Capital Crisis

Cybersecurity Podcast Episode 9
Dec. 3, 2015

Angela McKay, who runs Microsoft's public policy work on cybersecurity, joins The Cybersecurity Podcast to talk about the importance of developing international norms for cyberspace, European privacy concerns, why she's disappointed women comprise only 10 percent of the cybersecurity workforce, and how Microsoft's own attitude – and reputation – for security has evolved over the years.

New America's Peter Singer and Passcode's Sara Sorcher also chat with Elana Broitman, a shareholder in Greenbert Traurig, LLP.’s Government Law & Policy Practice and a former Defense Department official. They discuss the benefits of having cyber insurance, how the Pentagon should think about buying cybersecurity products and services, and bridging the trust gap between Washington and Silicon Valley.