A 'Cyber Party' with John McAfee and the White House Cybersecurity Czar

Cybersecurity Podcast Episode 8
Oct. 21, 2015

For October's National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, The Cybersecurity Podcast team is bringing you an hour-long special episode featuring White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel, and John McAfee, the security pioneer who just founded his own political party – the Cyber Party – and is running for President of the United States. 

New America's Peter Singer and Passcode's Sara Sorcher chat with Mr. Daniel about the Obama administration's plans for sanctions to prevent online attacks, whether he's optimistic about the recent agreement between Washington and China to thwart cyberespionage, how the White House reacted to the massive Office of Personnel Management hack, and his push to increase the sharing of information between the government and private sector. 

Mr. McAfee, the founder of the world's first commercial antivirus program, shares why he's running for President and some of his goals for the Oval Office, why he thinks we're at cyberwar with China, how cyberthreats have evolved since the time he started McAfee, why people's digital privacy is under attack, and who he thinks is the biggest badass in cybersecurity. 

This episode is sponsored by Arizona State University.