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Consumer Protection- It's Hot!

Yesterday, Elizabeth Warren answered questions from the public about the Consumer Financial Protection Agency as part of a forum the White House is calling “Tuesday Talks.” This interactive chat invited questions to be submitted via Facebook and then posed them to Professor Warren for response. She deftly fielded most questions, but one notable blunder did occur when she pronounce that the Agency, “may not be the sexiest thing that happens in your life,” but will result in more money in people’s pockets.

I invite someone to tell me, what’s hotter than saving money? If the Agency makes home mortgage terms more transparent and easier to compare, consumers can spend a romantic evening eating a Trader Joe’s heat and eat meal and watching last week’s DVR’d episode of Mad Men (‘cause that’s what thrifty people do on a Friday night) with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won’t have to move in with your parents because your rate ballooned and it turned out you were just paying interest and now your payment has doubled. The futon in your mom’s sewing room, previously your room before you moved to college, might be cozy, but it’s not romantic. 

Take a look for yourself and decide: