The mission of the Asset Building Program is to significantly broaden access to economic resources through increased savings and asset ownership, thereby providing families with enhanced economic security, a direct stake in the commonwealth, and the means to pursue their aspirations.

Pathways to Development: Evidence from YouthSave

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Researchers, practitioners, donors, and policy-making bodies will come together at the City Club of Washington on Friday, October 9, to discuss lessons learned from the YouthSave project.

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in the news | October 01, 2015 | Asset Building

How Maine is going to punish the poor for trying to save money

Levin is not alone in his disapproval of the Maine governor's plan. Amy Fried, who teaches political science at the University of Maine, penned an opinion piece for local newspaper Bangor Daily News on Tuesday, detailing how the policy will hurt low income students hoping to save for college. Rachel Black, who is a senior policy analyst for New America, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, told the Portland Press Herald last month that the legislation is "antithetical to the idea of promoting self-sufficiency."

in the news | September 15, 2015 | Asset Building

The American Dream lives

Reid Cramer of the New America Foundation states in a recent article, “The state of wealth inequality in America is a choice, clearly reflected in a set of regressive tax policies that have shifted the burden away from accumulated capital. Without policy action, persistent inequality will undermine a more fair and equitable economy and threaten our democracy.”

article | September 09, 2015 | Asset Building
YouthSave’s Financial Education Results

YouthSave’s Financial Education Results

Improvements in Participants’ Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior Over Time

Dasha Kosmynina

Understanding that access and knowledge must go hand in hand when aiming to increase financial capability, YouthSave also designed and implemented financial education trainings, reaching over 44,000 of the most marginalized project-targeted youth. This blog highlights the findings from this work.

article | August 21, 2015 | Asset Building
Asset Building News Week, August 17 - August 21

Asset Building News Week, August 17 - August 21

The Asset Building News Week is a weekly Friday feature from New America's Asset Building Program. It is designed to help readers keep up with news and developments in the asset building field. This week's topics include whether education protects wealth, erratic schedules and volatile incomes, and how inherited genes impact economic prospects.