A Multi-Generational Approach to Global Poverty Alleviation

Experiences from YouthSave and Beyond
New America

In a global context in which adolescents and youth consistently capture policymakers’ attention as potentially politically and economically problematic, global advocates urge countries to view the life-stages of adolescence and youth—and large youth cohorts in the developing world—as an economic and social opportunity. Financial inclusion, and particularly access to savings, has been suggested as one tool that can support adolescents and youth in successfully navigating the transition to adulthood in the developing world.

Join New America as we convene a panel of experts to explore a range of questions related to the use of youth savings accounts as a poverty alleviation tool in the developing world: What is the connection between youth financial inclusion and poverty alleviation? What role, if any, can/will financial institutions play? How can regulatory environments better foster youth financial inclusion?

This event will feature two recent publications from the YouthSave project, The Business Case for Youth Savings: A Framework and Regulatory Environments for Youth Savings in the Developing World.

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If you are unable to join us in person, please tune in to our live webcast, which will appear at the top of this page on the morning of the event. No sign up is required to view the streaming video.


Reid Cramer
Director, Asset Building Program, New America

Ruth Dueck-Mbeba
Program Manager, Financial Inclusion, The MasterCard Foundation

Lissa Johnson
Administrative Director, Center for Social Development, Washington University in St. Louis

Tanaya Kilara
Financial Sector Analyst, Clients and Products, Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP)

Scarlett Aldebot-Green
Senior Policy Analyst, Asset Building Program, New America

Natalie Branosky
Chief Executive, InclusionUS