Worker Voices

Technology and the Future for Workers Report Launch

Join New America's Work, Workers & Technology Program, for the launch of a worker-focused research report that explores the views of workers who are at the forefront of technological change.

For many American workers, the future of work is already here. Technology is changing jobs and workplaces -- sometimes, dramatically. We asked grocery, food, retail and administrative workers how they experience that change and how they imagine the future. We explore their aspirations, what they want from work and the quality of their jobs. We describe the barriers they face in adapting to changes and explore the learning and career opportunities that best meet their needs and interests. Hear the workers’ stories and what their insights mean for the future of work.

Lunch will be served.

Introductory Remarks:

Andrew Dunckleman

Head of Education and Economic Opportunity,

Molly Kinder
Nonresident Senior Fellow, New America
David M. Rubenstein Fellow, Brookings Institution

Amanda Lenhart
Deputy Director, Better Life Lab, New America

Worker Voice Panel:

Cordelia Cooper
, Cashier

Brian Jeter, Barista

Amber Stevens, Bookkeeper


Cecilia Muñoz
Vice President, Public Interest Technology & Local Initiatives, New America

Chandra Childers
Study Director, Institute for Women's Policy Research

Alan Hanson
Mobilization Director, United Food and Commercial Workers International Union

Spencer Overton
President, The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

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