Edition 195

We're from Nowhere, USA

By Molly G. Martin

Feb. 22, 2018

And we're here to help.

We're from Nowhere, USA

And we're here to help.

The Politics of Going to the Movies

On how the release of Black Panther prompts a reflection on the challenges of being a black movie-goer in majority-white spaces.

Who's Your President?

How to avoid wading into perilous "what if" territory when the incumbent president is inimical to your policy preferences.

A New Development Model for India?

Popular models of development suggest a rigid linear path. But India is taking a more entrepreneurial path—one that holds promise for growth

What 'Black Panther' Could Mean for the Afrofuturism Movement

It's the film's explicitly and unabashedly political futurism that stuns as its story unspools.

San Diego Unified Reverses Course, Stops Sending Parents to Collections

The decision represents a change in tone by school board members, who defended the program in November.