Us@250 Fellowship Overview

Blog Post
March 1, 2023

We are no longer accepting applications for the inaugural class of Us@250 Fellows.

The deadline to apply was April 14, 2023, at 11:59 pm EST.

What is Us@250?

On July 4, 2026, the nation will mark the 250th anniversary of the ratification of the Declaration of Independence. The commemoration of our nation’s founding should celebrate its progress, spotlight the areas that hinder us from becoming a more perfect union, and spark conversations about the future of America.

New America’s Us@250 initiative seeks to accomplish this by advocating for a reimagination of the American narrative based on three core themes: pride in the nation’s progress from its origins, reckoning with historical and contemporary wrongs that have caused the nation to fall short of its ideals, and aspiration for a multiracial and inclusive democracy governed by the principles of equality, fairness, and opportunity.

What is the Us@250 Fellowship?

The Us@250 (pronounced “us at 250”) Fellowship provides funding, resources, and community for practitioners engaged in projects that seek to tell a more comprehensive American story; expand our concept of American culture and identity; create connections across differences; and model how an inclusive multiracial society might thrive. The fellowship will facilitate projects in civic engagement, narrative change and storytelling, and cultural education that foster public participation.

Us@250 Fellows will be actively engaged in the work of renewing, reimagining, and realizing the promise of America as we approach our 250th year as a nation. As this program does not require residency in Washington, DC, where New America’s office is based, fellows will continue their work in their local communities for the duration of the fellowship.

What’s in It for You?

  • An honorarium of $30,000, paid in quarterly installments;
  • Regular engagements with a cohort of like-minded practitioners and creatives to facilitate new connections and collaborations, share best practices, and contribute to a community of practice around the future of America;
  • Educational and professional development opportunities, including access to New America’s expertise and networks, in-person and virtual panel discussions and seminars, and media training; and
  • Connection to the constellation of organizations, programs, and individuals marking the nation’s semiquincentennial to increase the awareness and visibility of your work.

Who Can Be a Us@250 Fellow?

We are looking for individuals who are professionals, practitioners, and creatives involved in projects that engage the public and directly connect to one or more of Us@250’s core themes of pride, reckoning, and aspiration.

Ideal candidates for this fellowship include storytellers dedicated to educating people about America’s complex history; nonprofit professionals working to bring people together across markers of differences; librarians or curators who create public exhibits or host events that shed new light on aspects of the American story; performing artists who share stories to challenge traditional conceptions of our collective national identity; community leaders who organize service opportunities, facilitate intergenerational friendships, or foster civic engagement and cultural education opportunities; and more.

The common thread among candidates for the Us@250 fellowship is their involvement in public engagement activities and their work centers on the past, present, or future of the country, while also fostering interactions between people from diverse groups.

How to Apply

We are no longer accepting applications for the inaugural class of Us@250 Fellows. The deadline to apply was April 14, 2023, at 11:59 pm EST.