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Trump signs executive order to expand critical minerals production, says it will end America’s ‘vulnerability’

David Abraham was quoted in the Washington Post on President Trump's new executive order on critical minerals.

In Times Of Severe Weather, Is New Englanders' Self-Reliance Virtue Or Vice?

Sharon Burke was quoted in WBUR News on the Weather Eye report findings in New England.

How Does Journalism Shape our Response to Terrorism?

The policy paper "War and Tweets" was cited in a Poynter article about local news coverage of terrorist attacks.

Covering a Potential Terrorist Attack? Keep These Things in Mind

The Columbia Journalism Review covered Resource Security's "Covering Terrorism" event, quoting Shane Harris and Peter Bergen.

In the Global Race for Rare Metals, Team China Wins Gold

David Abraham co-authored an article with Dylan McFarlane and Robert Pell about China's advantage in Rare metals.

Sharon Burke on How the US Military Is Planning for Climate Change

Sharon Burke was interviewed about how climate change is impacting the US military.

Be Like Lee

Go champion Lee Sedol put up a brilliant fight against Google’s computer program. Regulators grappling with A.I. could learn from him.

The Natural Security column: Hey, is energy independence really a good thing?

On November, 25 1973, President Richard Nixon addressed the nation in prime time. “Throughout its history, America has made great sacrifices

UPDATE 1-With glaciers as backdrop, Obama to use Alaska trip to push climate agenda

"It's a really important punctuation mark on what he's saying is a top priority for him," said Sharon Burke, a former Pentagon official who

The Nexus of Energy, National Security, and Climate Change and Its Impact on the Armed Services

First, the United States has an overwhelmingly powerful military, with the ability to move an iron mountain of capability anywhere, any time

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Pulse?

It is, indeed, a frightening scenario—and it isn’t the only threat to the nation’s electricity grid. U.S. critical infrastructure is also vu

Military Innovation Could Lead to Energy Efficient Technology

Sharon Burke, former assistant secretary of defense for operational energy plans and programs and now senior advisor for the New America fou