[ONLINE] - UPTEMPO: COVID and Climate Change in the Pacific


COVID-19 is hitting the Pacific region hard, from Wuhan to Seattle. But it’s not just this pandemic: climate change is ratcheting up the severity of natural disasters across the region, just as millions of people are moving to more vulnerable cities.

Join Resource Security for a COVID-19 situation brief on the Pacific, with a discussion of U.S. interests in humanitarian and disaster relief in the region.


Erin Hughey
, @ErinHughey
Director of Disaster Services, Pacific Disaster Center

Joseph Green
Acting Director of Applied Science, Pacific Disaster Center

Anne Witkowsky
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Stability and Humanitarian Affairs

Francis Gassert, @fgassert
Fellow, Resource Security at New America

Rear Admiral David Titley, USN (ret.)
Meteorologist and former Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy

Alan Dwyer
Senior Regional Advisor, USAID OFDA

Erynn Carter
Senior Director for Humanitarian Response at Mercy Corps


Sharon Burke
, @burkese
Director of Resource Security, New America