What’s the Greatest Risk Cities Face?

Greta Byrum writes for POLITICO about America's poorer urban areas and how they are suffering from inferior broadband access.

Building Towards Resiliency with Healthy Digital Ecosystems

What are Community Wireless Networks For?

Various claims have been made about community networks as hybrid technological-social systems, but the data presents several challenges.

It Takes a Village: The Rise of Community-Driven Infrastructure

Thinking local—and integrating social engagement into systems planning—means reimagining infrastructure as we know it.

Building Resilience From the Community Up

Greta Byrum discusses community resilience in RealClearPolicy.

Scaling Community Technology

One question we hear all the time from community members, funders, and government representatives is: how do local mesh networks scale?

Love Your CSA? Then You Should Embrace Community-Supported Broadband.

Could “community-supported broadband” work for the communications industry the same way that CSAs works for agribusiness?

Wireless organizing in Detroit: Churches as networked sites in under–resourced urban areas

Access to the Internet is a vital resource in low supply in low–income urban communities in the U.S.

Defining and Measuring Meaningful Broadband Adoption

Greta Byrum and Seeta Peña Gangadharan published an article in the International Journalism of Communication on broadband adoption.