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U.S. government shutdown ends, but new deadline looms for 'Dreamers' deal

Lee Drutman was cited in an article in The Globe and Mail about the new Dreamers debate.

Trump's racial provocations, so shocking in the White House, helped get him there

Lee Drutman was quoted in a CNBC article about how race and identity questions have created new divisions between the two political parties.

The power behind the scenes at Congressional hearings

Lee Drutman was interviewed on Marketplace about the theater of Congressional hearings and the role lobbyists play.

Tax Bill Lobbying: Corporate Influence In Washington Explained By Expert

IB Times interviewed Lee Drutman to ask about the influence lobbying had on the 2017 tax reform.

'We, Too, Are Survivors.' 223 Women in National Security Sign Open Letter on Sexual Harassment

Heather Hurlburt signed the #metoonatsec letter, standing up against sexual harassment and abuse in the national security sector, which was

Trump Retweets Anti-Islam Videos From Far-Right U.K. Political Group

Heather Hulrburt was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article about the president's Islamophobic retweets.

The Conservative Inequality Paradox

Lee Drutman's work was referenced in a National Review article about contradictory conservative economic policy.

America Is Not a ‘Center-Right Nation’

Lee Drutman's VOTER study was quoted in a New York Times article about how Americans tend to lean more center-left than center-right.

The US is on the verge of calling out Myanmar for ethnic cleansing

Heather Hurlburt was quoted in a Vox article about why labeling genocide and ethnic cleaning is important.

The 2020 Case for an Unreconstructed Bernie Sanders

Lee Drutman's VOTER study was referenced in a Vanity Fair article about Bernie Sanders' chances in 2020.

The Case for Centrist ‘Triangulation’ in the Trump Era Is Hilariously Weak

Lee Drutman and his recent VOTER study were referenced in a New York Magazine article about how electorate positions are changing.

Checks and Balances

Lee Drutman's arguments for third parties was referenced by Francis Fukuyama on The American Interest.