Online Discussion: The Future of Campaign Finance

Is the way we finance elections the best for democracy? And if not, how can we change it?

By election day, an estimated 200 million in “dark money” will have flowed into the 2014 mid-term elections, more than any other election season when Presidential elections are factored out. But after two recent Supreme Court decisions, Citizens United v F.E.C., and McCutcheon v F.E.C., it seems as if the way our elections are financed will not change any time soon.

Join us for an online conversation with three campaign finance experts, as we answer your questions on campaign finance. Questions can be asked on Twitter by tweeting @NewAmerica, tweeting #ElectionsHangout, or through our Google+ page.

Those who RSVP will be sent an Email with a YouTube link to watch live.


Mark Schmitt
Director of the Political Reform Program at New America

Katherine Mangu-Ward
Managing Editor of Reason