[ONLINE] Future of Democracy: Citizens’ Assemblies and Beyond


Join New America’s Political Reform program on January 24th from 12- 1pm EST for a conversation that explores the future of democracy and the innovative models of civic engagement that will shape it. This session will feature practitioners who are at the forefront of efforts to shape and strengthen participation at the local and global level. We’ll hear from Cerenthia McElroy, who is driving the People's Assemblies in Newark, as well as Marjan Ehsassi, a Future of Democracy Fellow at the Berggruen Institute, and Emma Petty Addams from Mormon Women for Ethical Government, as they discuss their on-the-ground experiences and successes for deepening more equitable, democratic engagement.

This event is part of New America’s ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between the public and government and to create more inclusive forms of participation in policymaking, with a focus on historically underserved communities. This session will offer valuable insights into practical, impactful forms of civic engagement.

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