Brazil Has a Donald Trump, and His Chances at the Presidency Are Looking Better Every Day

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Photo: Rickson Davi Liebano /
Media Outlet: Quartz

Chayenne Polimedio wrote for Quartz about Brazil's presidential elections: 

“I’m not good. But the others are very bad. They try to bring me down, but I continue to rise in the polls.”

No, that’s not something Donald Trump said during last year’s US presidential campaign. Those words come from a man who could be the next president of Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro. And while Americans might not know the name, the story of his political rise will sound very familiar.

If Trump’s election has taught Americans anything, it’s that a candidate, no matter how fringe he may seem, should be taken seriously by everyone before it’s too late. Brazilians need to take note of that now.


Chayenne Polimédio is the deputy director of the Political Reform program at New America.