[ONLINE] - Building the PIT Career Pipeline


One of the greatest challenges in growing the field of Public Interest Technology (PIT) is developing legible career pathways and accessible career pipelines between PIT in academia and PIT in practice. 

The PIT University Network (PIT-UN), convened by New America, has developed a robust supply of ideas, tools and talent through research projects, interdisciplinary centers and PIT-specific curricula over the past five years. While PIT-related jobs in nonprofits, government and tech have become more common, they are generally under-articulated and under-supported.

The question now is, what kinds of careers can well-trained public interest technologists realistically pursue – and what are the next steps in building PIT career pipelines?

Join us for a moderated discussion with experts from across academia, nonprofits and private industry working to build the PIT career pipeline. Our jumping-off point will be a PIT Job Skills Taxonomy from the Haas Center for Public Service at Stanford University, which will be made available to participants following the webinar.

Brittany Wampler, Director of The Office of Career Development & Exploration, Cleveland State University

Shoshana A. Cohen, Director of Community Engaged Learning in Engineering, Haas Center for Public Service at Stanford University

Michelle Ly, Associate, Partnership for Public Service

Priya Chatwani: Worker-Owner, Politics Rewired

Juliet Shen, Director of Product, Grindr