[ONLINE] - Building A Cybersecurity Clinic


New America’s Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN) would like to invite you to our Building A Cybersecurity Clinic webinar, where we will look at MIT’s student-based Cybersecurity Clinic.

In this conversation, Professor Larry Susskind and his students with the help of Stephanie Helm from the MassCyberCenter, invite participants to learn how universities and colleges can launch their own regional Public Interest Technology clinics; engage local and regional organizations as clients; and identify best practices in their clinical education model.

The MIT Cybersecurity Clinic provides students primarily with a background in computer science and urban planning an opportunity to help assess the cybersecurity vulnerability of American cities, towns, and hospitals to cyberattack by leveraging defensive social engineering. Consulting with public sector clients the Clinic provides clinical learning opportunities.

MIT’s Cybersecurity Clinic offers a semester-long course where students take a series of online instructional modules, complete an accreditation exam certifying their ability to work as Cybersecurity Risk Assessment professionals, and then work as teams to provide assessments for cities, towns, and hospitals. At the end, the students’ Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessments are shared with their respective client communities.


Larry Susskind
, @lsusskind
Ford Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning, MIT

Stephanie Helm
Director at MassCyberCenter at MassTech

Jungwoo Chun
PhD Student in public policy & planning at the Department of Urban Studies & Planning at MIT.

Rebecca Spiewak
Master’s Student in the Technology and Policy Program at MIT, focusing on cybersecurity and data privacy.

Avital Baral, @avibaral
Master of Engineering Student in Computer Science at MIT