Tatevik Sargsyan

Senior Research Fellow, Ranking Digital Rights

Tatevik Sargsyan was a senior research fellow with Ranking Digital Rights, working on RDR’s Digital ID project, company research for the 2018 Index, and on our work with Consumer Reports. She holds a Ph.D. from American University’s School of Communication (SOC), where her work revolved around privacy and the privatization of digital public sphere. She serves as an Adjunct Professor at American University and teaches courses on the social impact of information and communication technologies. Previously, Tatevik served as a Google Policy Fellow at the Global Network Initiative (GNI) and conducted policy analysis on privacy and freedom of expression. Her research has been featured in academic journals such as International Journal of Communication and Internet Policy Review. Tatevik is also a fellow at the Internet Law and Policy Foundry—a collaborative platform for early-career internet law and policy professionals.