Spandana Singh

Policy Analyst, Open Technology Institute

Spandana Singh is a policy analyst in New America's Open Technology Institute where she researches and reports on policies and practices related to content regulation, transparency reporting, artificial intelligence, privacy, surveillance, countering violent extremism and cybersecurity. She is currently also a Fellow at the Internet Law & Policy Foundry and a Non-Resident Fellow at the Esya Centre in New Delhi. 

Singh was previously a Millennial Public Policy Fellow, also in the Open Technology Institute program, and a Cybersecurity and Technology Fellow at the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. Before joining New America, Singh was a Public Policy Fellow at Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco. She has also previously worked at the World Bank's International Finance Corporation and UNICEF in Indonesia. Originally from India, Singh holds a B.A. in International Development as well as Media Studies from the University of California, Berkeley.