Scott Malcomson

Scott Malcomson was a fellow with New America's International Security program. He has worked as a journalist and author in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North and South America. His writing has focused on the real-world fortunes of civilization-organizing ideas such as globalization, the Muslim umma, international civil society, race, nationalism, and cyberspace; his current focus is on the rise of nationalism in an age of globalization.

Malcomson was foreign editor of the New York Times Magazine (2004−11) and a contributor to the Times, the New Yorker, and many other publications. He has been an executive at two global NGOs and was a senior official at the United Nations and the U.S. State Department. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and PEN.

Malcomson is the author of Tuturani: A Political Journey in the Pacific Islands (1990), Empire’s Edge: Travels in South-eastern Europe, Turkey and Central Asia (1994), One Drop of Blood: The American Misadventure of Race (2000), Generation’s End: A Personal Memoir of American Political Power after 9/11 (2010), and Splinternet: How Geopolitics and Commerce Are Fragmenting the World Wide Web (2016).

He provides political-risk intelligence and communications advice to individual and institutional investors and several Fortune 500 companies.