Scott Kalb

Fellow and Senior Advisor

Scott Kalb is a fellow and senior advisor for Bretton Woods II at New America, and founder and leader of the Responsible Asset Allocator Initiative. He is the founder of KLTI Advisors and chairman of the Sovereign Investor Institute, a membership organization of Institutional Investor and leading forum for sovereign and government funds around the world.

Scott served as the CIO and Deputy CEO of the Korea Investment Corporation (KIC), Korea’s US$130 billion Sovereign Wealth Fund, during 2009-2012, and is one of the few foreigners appointed to manage another country’s SWF portfolio. During his time at KIC, assets under management grew from US$19 billion to US$60 billion. Prior to KIC, Scott worked in the financial industry for more than twenty-five years. Most recently, he was a senior portfolio manager at Balyasny Asset Management (2006-2008), CEO and senior portfolio manager at Black Arrow Capital Management (2002-2006), and senior equity portfolio manager at Tudor Investment Corp (1999-2002). Scott also worked at Citigroup for ten years (1990–1999), serving as managing director of International Asset Management (1995-1999) and of International Equity Research (1990-1995)

Scott has been a member of the WE Forum Global Agenda Council on Long-term Investing and Infrastructure Development since 2009 and serves on the Advisory Board of the Private Capital Research Institute, a Harvard based initiative. Scott has written numerous articles and contributed to a variety of publications regarding long-term investing and the sovereign fund community. He lived in Asia for over fifteen years, speaks Korean and has an AM Degree from Harvard and a BA degree from Oberlin College.